Terms at work – Adults are Clueless or Useless!

Let’s take a couple terms from our thesaurus out for a spin and see what they have to say about some real comics.

Sailor Moon volume one coverEver wonder if there must surely be someone more qualified than that fourteen year old running around in a sailor suit to save the world in your comic book?   In the world of the pretty sailor soldiers in Naoko Takeuchi’s series Sailor Moon, adults are clueless to the galactic struggle being waged on the streets of Tokyo.  Even when the world is not at risk, adults can still be clueless and absent like the distant, unseen, mumbling giants of Peanuts, the comic strip by cartooning giant Charles M. Schulz.


In the worlds of some teenagers adults are much worse than clueless.  Their loss of innocence, their surrender to corruption of the world, make them useless.  The cast of Runaways, brain children of writer Brain K. Vaughn, live in a world where every adult is under the power of evil.  Even adult superheroes prove useless to the Runaways.  These kids aren’t the only ones on their own:  All but one or two rare adults are dangerously useless in Ted Naifeh’s series about the young witch, Courtney Crumrin. In fact, even the other children are useless in Courtney’s sad sack world, but that is a term for another day.

What are your favorite comic worlds burdened by clueless/useless adults?