Robert Crumb is Iconoclast

Iconoclastic art is both representational and symbolic.    It eschews beauty, and accurate physical representation in favor of the truth of ideas.  R. Crumb is an example of this tribe.

To index Animist art:

Step 1: Look at the art. Is the story the most important part?


A. Yes, Iconoclast. Continue to Step 2.

B. No, one of the other tribes.



Animist Definition: “Animists are the first artists, the shamen dancing around the tribal fire who drag raw emotion from their soul and give it to the audience. They are the instinctual artists, concerned above all with content.” (McCloud 2006) Jack Kirby and Jeff Smith are prime examples of this broad category of art.

Jack Kirby is an Animist


Formalist Definition:  In art theory, formalism is the concept that a work’s artistic value is entirely determined by its form–the way it is made, its purely visual aspects, and its medium. Formalism emphasizes compositional elements such as color, line, shape and texture rather than realism, context, and content.


Frank Miller is a Formalist


Classicist Definition: Classical art is complex, with levels of detail that come closer to simulating reality.  Classic art presents an idealized version of the world based on historic conceptions of beauty and form.  Classical art is clean and detailed.

Charles Vess is a Classicist.

Step 2: Consider one of the below sub-categories if appropriate. If not, just pick Iconoclast and check box in mlll.org.


Example: Jeffrey Brown & Joe Sayers. Seemingly lacking technical complexity, this art can appear child-like and simple. Citation: Wikipedia – Naive Art http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Na%C3%AFve_art


Aggressive, hard lines that create a sense of visual confusion. This art work may not look simple, but is intentionally ugly or grotesque, taking a dark view of the world. Indexer’s notes: This is distinguished from primitive style by technical complexity in body proportions, action and page layouts.

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