There are four main art types: Classicist, Animist, Formalist, and Iconoclast.  Note that the vast majority of comics fall within the Animist type.

To choose Art Style:

Step 1:  Choose the best fit from below.


Use Animist if the art’s main focus is on telling the story. This art style is not overly realistic nor is it overly abstracted. (ex. Jack Kirby & Jeff Smith)


Use Classicist if the style is very detailed and is much more realistic looking than the cartoonish style of Animist (ex. Charles Vess ).


Use Formalist if the art style is all about the visual style and formal elements (ex. Chris Ware & Frank Miller’s Sin City).


Use Iconoclast if the art style is all about the originality and individuality of the style (ex. R. Crumb).

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