Indexing Guide

Indexing is when you pick descriptive terms to help organize comics into meaningful groups.  This works much like tagging, but we have created a bunch of terms that we think will be really useful and fun for comics.  We have also organized these terms to make browsing easy.  Use this guide to help find the best terms, then in you can apply the terms.  When indexing, we suggest having both this guide and open at the same time.

To index a comic:

Step 1:  Choose a comic from the MLLL collection. In catalog, once you have logged in, find the comic’s record and click EDIT or create a new record.

Step 2:  Pick one of the big categories below.  You can start anywhere.

Step 3:  Find the best term or terms. In, check the box next to term.

Step 4:  Continue through each of the other categories.


Art is a set of terms that describe how the images and style look.  Every artist has a unique style, but for indexing lets focus on what is similar about some groups of artists.  Following Scott McCloud’s example from Understanding Comics we have organized art styles into  four main categories, then identified sub-categories for more specific styles.


Affect is a set of terms that describe how reading the comic makes you, the reader, feel. This is less about subjective judgement and more about what the author and artist intend.


World is a set terms that describe the settings of the comic.


Characters is a set of terms that describe the main characters. 

Story Elements

Story Elements are a set of terms that describe common themes and events found in comics.

Step 5:  When you have picked good terms for each of these categories, sit back and celebrate.  You have successfully indexed a comic.  Yay!


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