Presenting at the capstone

We had a really great time last night presenting our poster and getting to talk to everyone about our project. We definitely found a few kindred spirits who are as dedicated to coming up with new ways to working with the information challenges that comics present.

We’re all excited to continue the project here, and at the alpha site Our goal for that is to have a significant portion indexed and a (much) more polished UI for when the Reed students come back to school in September.

Meanwhile, you can check out our poster in PDF form, read up on Batgirl, and find some new comics to read!


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I'm the webmaster here and a life-long comics nerd. I used to run the MLLL, an all-comics library, at my alma mater, Reed College, which got me started on this whole track. My specialty, comics-wise, is thinking about the medium as a system, rather than about individual works. Professionally, I'm a search geek, and you can find me at . Find me on Google plus at +Sarah Barrett

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