Leveling up

So, three months of silence and you wonder, has the League of Comic Librarians been defeated by a supervillain, consumed by zombies or sucked into a time vortex?  No, your heroes live on.  We have been leveling up our Capstone project in a serious way.

Days of work and meetings have been putting in to refine our Comic Book Recommendation Engine, its presentation and maintenance instructions.  The bones of the site are up (thanks to the genius and hard work of Ms. Sarah Barrett our Drupal whisperer), and we are less than a month away from when we will unveil our completed beta version at the Capstone event of the Information School at the University of Washington.  So wish your valiant librarians luck as we complete a new weapon in the fight against not having amazing comics to read.

Don’t forget, this weekend will be a busy one for comic fans.  Saturday, May 5th is Free Comic Book Day and Marvel’s new movie The Avengers opens on Friday, May 4th.

Happy weekend Comics fans!

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